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the Band

System Ali

"Beit System Ali"

Educational Approach

Beit System Ali in Holon aspires to be a pioneering platform for musical and stage creation, through educational-artistic work in its local community. The artistic-educational work program of the Center is based on a belief in the power of music and artistic activity to serve as tools for personal expression and for building partnerships in artistic creation as well as change the existing reality. The Center is the gathering point for a diverse and multilingual community of artists that grows around communication, listening, respect and tolerance, emerging of the commitment to social justice and community involvement.

Beit System Ali was created by the System Ali band - a rap ensemble composed of nine members singing and creating in Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and English - the mother tongues of the band's members. The band members have been working together for over a decade, bringing to the stage a loaded and rich meeting of stories, languages and identities. The educational activities of the members of the ensemble led to the establishment of a Pais Center for Culture lab which developed into the System Ali House - Beit System Ali, a home for all the artistic and educational activities of the band members, along with growing circles of young artists from Holon, Jaffa, Bat Yam, South Tel Aviv and the surrounding area.

The educational-artistic activity at Beit System Ali aim to create a creative environment in which the encounter and confrontation between different languages, stories and identities in the group is a source of learning and inspiration for artistic work. Beit System Ali has been operating since 2010  years with hundreds of youth in mixed groups in  Holon, Bat-Yam and Jaffa, as well as collaborations with youth institutions and youth movements, community centers and municipalities throughout the country, including South Tel Aviv, Rishon LeZion, Azor, Ramle, Lod, Haifa and more.

Educational Projects

"Shir Chadash - New Song"

The writing workshop of Beit System Ali.

A multi-lingual framework for the creation, experience, exposure and sharing of original materials written by young writers from Bat-Yam, Jaffa and the surrounding area. A weekly group meeting is dedicated to exploring, experimenting and practicing in a variety of writing styles (modern and classical poetry, rap and spoken-word, poetry etc.), while discussing the content and burning issues of the creations: gender and sexual identity, religion and prophecy, racism and struggle, black poetry, love, immigration, music and more.

The group is a framework for encounters between early writers and veteran writers, acquiring tools of editing and peer review, and personal support and guidance in the development of original materials and manuscripts. The workshop participants also take part in the editing and publication of the "Shir Chadash" collection, and participate in young poetry and creative events in Holon, Jaffa and throughout the country.


"Beit Beat - Beat House"

The Beit Beat Track hosts a group of young rappers and producers, aiming to improve their rap skills alongside providing initial tools for developing independent productions by producing electronic beats and editing and mixing software training.

The workshops focus on the acquisition of creative tools through experience and practice of various textual and musical instruments, including rhythm and rhythmic formats and different beats, stage presentation, diction, rhyme, flow rate, body language, correct use of voice, beatbox and more.

In addition to providing professional tools in writing, composition, rhythm and production, the rap track strives to maintain a content-oriented process with the youth to enable them to touch the most sensitive and burning issues in their lives: fear and separation, faith, despair, intergenerational gap, hope and racism.

The participants in the group produce an annual mixtape created, written, performed and produced entirely by them. It includes the works of all the activity tracks of Beit System Ali alongside performances and promotion of personal projects.


"Open Mic"

Open Jam session for young poets, rappers and musicians to exchange ideas, materials. 



Ensembles Support

An educational-musical support framework for the formulation, construction and development of young ensembles. The ensembles are professionally guided and supported on a track where they undergo all stages of the creative process, from the composition of the ensemble to the recording and performance of the artistic products. These include providing professional tools in the fields of writing, playing, arrangement and production, as well as exposure to different musical styles and experiencing them, developing social-political awareness and examining music as a tool for social change and community engagement.

Within the track, various ensembles create in a variety of styles and combinations of rock, rap, metal, folk, Amharic music and more. Each ensemble undergoes a year-long process that emphasizes development of content and ideas - personal, social and political - in the lives of the participants, empowerment of interpersonal skills, while encouraging self-expression, tolerance and listening to teamwork alongside musical professionalization and the provision of a professional toolbox: musical arrangement and orchestration, production, working in front of an audience, composition, independent management of rehearsals and more.

The track supports the ensembles to create musical products that will be integrated into the Center's activities: recording singles and working towards premiere albums, producing and creating mixtapes and regular performances at the  Center's events and at young artists' events throughout the country.

External Workshops


Every year we open groups in cooperation with different organizations and projects outside Holon.

These Groups are inherent part of the Beit System Ali comunity and they participate in the annual events.​

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