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"It's me here watching" - Cooperation with Kidum Noar Azor, 2017.

A writing workshop and song recording, "Yahad" school, Holon, 2013.

Youth writing group in cooperation with "Migdalor", Bat-Yam, 2014. 

"Opening the House" - end of the year event, 2015.

Beit System Ali's writing group, 2016.

Girls writing group, Ajami, 2017.

Beit System Ali's Rap group, 2015.

"Land" - writing group, 2016.

"New Genaration" - students from Amal 1 school, 2015.

Nir Atanelov performing at "Bat Bait" - the annual main event of Beit System Ali, 2015.

Writing group in "Migdalor Nisenbaum", Bat-Yam, 2015.

Women's writing group, Jaffa, 2015.

Writing group in "Zevulun Hammer" school, Bat-Yam, 2015.

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