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Beit System Ali is a cultural educational movement whose activity is based on the belief in the power of artistic action to promote equality and generate socio-political change. What began as the hip-hop ensemble System Ali during the 2006 housing rights movement against the eviction of 500 Arab families from the Ajami neighborhood of Jaffa has grown over more than a decade into an exceptional cultural engine for community building. Alongside the ground-breaking artistic work of our collective of artists (men, women, LGBTQI+, Muslims, Christians & Jews of diverse backgrounds), Beit System Ali develops and runs unique educational programs that encourage brave multicultural discourse, cultivate in-depth encounters, and enable shared society between different cultural groups. Our diverse activities have a clear goal of raising awareness of social issues such as segregation, racism, gender-based violence and police brutality through music, performances, tours, lectures, conversations, and the mentoring of emerging artists.

Beit System Ali's artistic educational program is based on a belief in the power of music and artistic activity to serve as tools for personal expression and for building creative partnerships for social change. Beit System Ali is home to a diverse and multilingual community of artists whose practices are guided by communication, listening, respect and tolerance, and a commitment to social justice and community engagement.

At Beit System Ali, we look to enact positive social change through a number of long-term goals:

  • To create a stage for voices, ideas & stories that are side-lined and silenced in Israeli society.

  • To use tools from the world of art and culture to promote profound change in society.

  • To develop an inter-communal discourse of tolerance and inclusivity.

  • To be a home for emerging artists to acquire professional tools and guidance. 


For partnerships & bookings, contact Mor Deree at +972-54-4829370.

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