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Jaffa Hip-Hop
History Tour

A historical-artistic performance journey that travels through 5,000 years, five neighborhoods, five languages and countless sources of inspiration. The tour combines a study of the history of Jaffa with a discussion of the contemporary issues facing the city in the past few decades, all through the performance of live hip-hop numbers.

The historical anecdotes are interwoven with the personal life stories of the city’s residents and offer a refreshing, moving and multifaceted perspective. Jaffa’s many faces shine through, full of both pain and inspiration. She is presented as an ancient and glorious story, but even more so - as a potential future urban space and identity. 

Tour circuit: We will leave from the Greek market, cross Yeffet Street towards the Jerusalem Gate and the Mahmoudiya Mosque. From there, we will continue towards the Clock Tower between the Kishleh (detention center) and the Al-Saraya al-Jadida (municipality building) from the Ottoman period. We will continue along the lines of the old city’s walls from the Crusader period, towards the port. We will stop beside the Armenian monastery and the Sea Mosque and from there climb through the Kasba alleyways  towards the Kdumim square, the scar of ‘Operation Anchor’ from the British mandate - and back towards the Flea Market and Ha-Pisga Park.

The tour lasts two hours, at a leisurely walking pace and includes an open conversation with the participants at the end of the tour. 



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