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​Cut. Loose 

Cut. Loose

 Israel Festival Award Winner, Acco Festival 2016

The “Stage Language” prize winner, Israeli fringe awards, 2017

“Best Duet of Israeli dance” 2017, DanceTalk

A physical and vocal duet about the violence and the softness of a couple, inside out, in the present place and tense.

By Stav Marin & Neta Weiner

 Production: Shir Berebi

 Dramaturgy: Raz Weiner

 Lighting Design: Yoav Barel

 Costume Design: Anat Martkovich

Cut. Loose deals with relationships and power relations, traversing spheres of gender, militarism, popular culture and politics through the examination of different languages, both as separate and as combined: masculine language, feminine language, body language and speech language.

Cut. Loose occurs in three dimensions - words, movement, and sound. The key element in this work is the knife, as an immediate means of communication, similar to the usage of a word. A square arena is the ground for the battles that are sometimes a joint practice, sometimes an act of intimacy and sometimes a fight to the death. The audience experience the rounds of battles at point-blank range, as witnesses, critics, and reluctant partners. The performers are moving between situations that force them to deal with worlds that are related to opposing forces of text and movement.

Praises for Cut. Loose:

"This hectic show touched something deep that concerns about the horrible price of war and violence that control our lives, and about our need to feel prepared for battle at any time and place."

Shai Bar Yaakov, Yedioth Ahronoth

"An unstoppable brainwash about the Israeli actuality, with brilliant Spoken-Word acts and precise, erotic, and violent movement-work, that demonstrate how much the national security and political situation in Israel penetrate the personal life and create a new discourse of intimacy."

Yair Ashkenazi, Haaretz

"It is clear why the audience and the judges were so excited about this show. It involves a marvelous combination of speech and movement... a theatrical document - textual in its every line, movement-oriented in its every motion, serious in its every purpose, and funny as much as it is gripping and indicating about ourselves."

Zvi Goren, Habama.



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