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“Al Ha’tel”

A Hebrew cabaret show of words and music, based on the Spoken- word style, and the classical entertainment of the Israeli canon. The show deals with the story of the first Hebrew city - Tel Aviv - Jaffa - by tracing the city's rich and complex characters and events, sites and images from the past and present. During the performance, the historical strata that make up the "hill" are gradually exposed. These are woven together into a rich stage mosaic that combines past and present, reality and fiction, comedy and tragedy. This is by exposing, deconstructing and reconstructing of the narrative and the historical narrative and examining the way we are accustomed to telling ourselves history.

In the performance "On the Hill" the main role belongs to the Hebrew language: she is the main actress, she is the scenery, the costumes, and the objects. The pair of actors pass through staggering virtuosity between songs, sketches, and dramatic dialogues are drawn from all the rich aspects of Hebrew: from the language of the Bible, through Talmudic sophistication to today's street language, while touching the influences of Arabic, Yiddish, and English.

The work of Neta Wiener, Yonatan Kunda and Raz Wiener, creators of the show "We Build a Port here" winner of the best play award, Acre Festival 2012. The show "On the Hill" was first staged in 2011 at the Clipa Theater in Tel Aviv. The show lasts for about one hour.